Our Mission:

Elefante Trunk aspires to continue growing in an organic way, inspiring and motivating people along the way. By bringing people together with food and events, we have capitalized on the exposure to generate awareness, donations and volunteers for local and global charities that we have established strong relationships with.

Elefante Trunk wants to make the world a beautiful place, one bite at a time.


What we do:

Elefante Trunk uses various channels to share our passion with you.

We have three areas of focus;

• Cooking classes and coaching

• Various types of events

• Public relations/marketing

Whether it be a private party in your home, a “Curry 101” cooking class with a group of friends, or a live jazz show for charity, we strive to deliver an experience that you will learn from and cherish.


Who are we?

Elefante Trunk Events and Catering is a manifestation of Farida and her husband, who fused together their different personalities and backgrounds to form the heart of the company. Their strength lies in the diversity of careers, spread over decades in many different industries, countries, and over three continents.

Farida had the vision and passion to share her heart and soul, also known as, her culinary expertise and her much-loved recipes to the world. She had a successful catering company in Toronto, Canada and was determined to continue pursuing her passions.