Cooking Classes

Like a painter with a blank canvas, pallet full of colours and various tools…the inspiration, passion and emotion to create a masterpiece each time has to come from within. I feel this way after I have unloaded my groceries and am ready to prepare a tantalizing meal. It’s a delicious mystery of what will become of the ingredients that you so creatively assemble. And then there’s the bliss, the euphoric bliss after you have eaten, when you are more than satiated in so many different ways. You feel you are in love, in a place of utopia after having feasted on different flavours, colours, textures and temperatures. It is incomparable.

I want to take you on this culinary adventure by making the ordinary extraordinary by just a pinch of this, a toss over there or a stir of that!


Types of Classes

Our #1 Favourite Class: How to Make Samosa’s

Learn the technique behind making the most loved Indian snack, the samosa. You will be getting your creative craft-making engines revved up along with your sleeves, as you get your hands on some special pastry dough and form it into perfect little pouches filled with potatoes and peas or spiced minced meat. Prior to the hands-on work, you will be served a traditional snack, veggie pakoras or a surprise with a special drink of sweet rose water or mango lassi. Throughout, there will be Bollywood music flowing through the room with wine and juices. Once the samosas are completed, we will fry them up and eat them with special homemade chutney’s and of course, chai tea made from scratch.

We can focus on making both meat and veggie, or just vegan and vegetarian.

Check Facebook for upcoming classes or contact Farida to book a private class.


How to Make a 3-Course Curry Meal

Learn the secrets to making curry! All the tips and tricks will be exposed. You will be shown how to create your favourite curries, how to fix them if you made a mistake and how to tweak them to suit your taste buds and audience better. Most importantly, you will be taught how to use specific spices. Bring your notepad, your appetite and of course, your friends. Beverages are included in the price and we also love to host private groups. We can customize the menu to suit your desires, otherwise the basic set up is one appetizer, two mains with all the fixings and sides, usually one meat and one veggie dish and then a dessert served with chai tea.


Cheap and Healthy Meal-Prep for the Week

Understand the fundamentals to creating various meals by using leftovers and having the right ingredients on hand. I will show you how to buy the right groceries and then create daily, fresh, healthy and delicious meals with no fuss. It is possible! Great for busy-bees, single-minglers, mom’s and dad’s and anyone who just doesn’t have the time to spend hours a day to cook, but doesn’t want to spend a fortune to eat out either.


Vegan Fusion 3-Course Meal

Learn how to make super healthy vegan meals that are energizing, refreshing, filling and just plain awesome! We’ll make all the right substitutions to re-create classics and traditional favourites from around the world. We’ll create the meal together and then have a shared meal. And of course…gluten-free beer and sulphites-free wine.


How to Create the Perfect Spread When Entertaining

The name says it all! Not a Michelin star chef or Martha Stewart…well…it’s still a good thing! Learn easy, simple and sexy tapas and appetizers to create a colourful, picture-perfect spread on your table for the next time you want to show off to your friends and colleagues. We can do veggie, vegan or a mix-up…and we will even stir up some fun creative cocktails!


Cake Baking and Decorating 101

Yup…not just a pretty cook! I can sometimes discipline myself to follow a baking recipe…actually, I’m lying. I spent a lot of time finding the perfect, no-screwing up cake recipes. We will make a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake and I will also show you how to decorate simple designs…and yes…you will have to get your hands on some pastry piping bags as well. Everyone will get to design and decorate their own 4 cupcakes and take them home for later. Meanwhile, we will crack into the cakes and cava! Many other cake options are possible as well…just ask!


If you want to combine these classes or have any other ideas… please contact Farida and together, we can make it happen!